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At Hipotek, we are here to help people finance a better later life and retirement.  We are the first Dutch financial services company focussing solely on later life lending and equity release. We offer financial advice and solutions to help homeowners in the Netherlands unlock a better retirement by accessing the wealth tied up in their properties.

Who we are

Equity release and later life lending

Hipotek is focussed on providing retirement finance, equity release for over 55s and later-life planning. The company’s name is derived from the Papiamento word for mortgage. Papiamento is a language spoken in the Dutch Caribbean.

Hipotek was founded on the basis that the retirement of the Dutch retirees should be better and that the basis for improvement can be found in people’s own homes.

Hipotek is the first intermediary solely focused on later-life lending and people over 55’s. Hipotek acts as leading provider of later-life lending solutions in the Netherlands. Our value proposition is based on all (financial) needs of Dutch seniors and retirees.


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